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Skincare Routine for Combination and Normal Facial Skin

Determining Your Skin Type

Your skin type is defined by the balance of moisture and sebum. If you don't experience tightness, oily shine, or frequent dermatological issues, you likely have normal skin. It’s important to note that your skin type remains constant throughout life. However, flakiness or oily patches can be reactions to skincare or makeup products, weather conditions, or internal body processes.

Combination skin shares similarities with normal skin. It features dry areas, typically on the cheeks, along with oiliness and problems in the T-zone. Those with combination skin often purchase twice as many skincare products to address both dry and oily areas, though this isn't always necessary.

The care for combination skin is similar to that for normal skin. Below, we outline the steps and specifics of the routine.

How to Care for Normal and Combination Facial Skin

Consistency is key in any beauty routine. Whether you have normal, trouble-free skin or more complex combination skin, follow these steps:


The primary task is to remove impurities, clear pores of urban dust, sweat, and grime. By freeing your skin from these burdens, you prepare it to absorb beneficial components in the following steps.

Start with gentle exfoliation. Remember, facial and body scrubs are different; facial scrubs are milder with fine abrasives that don't damage delicate skin. An excellent alternative is ubtan, a powder made from herbs, spices, flour, and clay, inspired by Ayurvedic traditions. In Ukraine, the brand Hillary offers an effective ubtan with 18 natural components, including:

- Herb and berry powders

- Chickpea flour

- Clays

Using ubtan can reduce blackheads, inflammation, and improve skin appearance, making it silky and firm. Use ubtan 2-3 times a week.

For daily washing, choose gentle, natural products. Hillary Cleansing Foam, enriched with five oils (almond, olive, grape seed, camellia, and macadamia), is ideal for daily use and makeup removal. This foam cleanses while hydrating, nourishing with vitamins, and strengthening the lipid barrier.


Often overlooked, toning is crucial. Skipping this step deprives your skin of extra nutrients and essential moisture.

Hillary Centella Toner, designed for normal and combination skin, refreshes your face and helps stimulate the natural synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid. Additionally, it has a unique ability to absorb and retain moisture from the environment.


Hyaluronic acid is the best component for skin hydration, typically found in serums.

Such serums:

- Hydrate the epidermis

- Build a protective barrier

- Aid in regeneration

- Combat infections

- Provide lifting effects

Apply a few drops of serum to your face, massaging gently. Hillary's Smart Hyaluronic Serum contains chamomile extract for anti-inflammation, trehalose for moisture retention, and konjac mannan for contour correction.

For the eye area, consider Hillary Anti-fatigue Serum.


The final step in your basic beauty routine involves applying nourishing creams to prepped skin. Hillary Corneotherapy Intense Care Cream, suitable for all skin types, includes five natural oils rich in vitamins E, A, and B, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, potassium, and aids in collagen synthesis.

Simplify your skincare routine with Hillary’s Perfect 6 set, which includes products for each step. Suitable for any age starting from 18.

By following these steps, you can maintain a healthy balance for both normal and combination skin.

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