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Almost all of us have suffered the embarrassment of acne at one time or another in our lives. During puberty, hormones go into overdrive. More than 80% of teenagers develop some form of acne. It is one of the most common skin conditions caused by a disorder of the sebaceous follicles of the skin. Although for most it is a phase that clears up with time, some people continue suffering from acne breakouts due to excessive sebum production well into their adulthood. There could be many reasons: hormonal changes (pregnancy, menopause), specific medications, certain cosmetic products, sun exposure, stress… Whatever the type or cause of acne… as the healthy glow goes away, so does our self-esteem.

Discuss your skin concerns with us

 Acne can be a distressing condition but with the right approach it is treatable and early intervention can prevent long term complications such as acne scarring and pigmentation issues.

 A comprehensive treatment plan is essential to restore the acne-prone skin to its smooth and healthy state. Daily use of adapted topical products and dietary supplements plays a key role in controlling acne breakouts and adds to the success of the proposed clinical procedure: IPL.

  • Approved by Health Canada

  • Quick, no downtime

  • A healthy and effective alternative to oral antibiotics


Some of our treatments are outlined below but for a full assessment and consultation please make an appointment  to assess your skin and recommend the best treatment for you.


Obagi CLENZIderm has been developed by the world's leading dermatologists and is an effective treatment for acne. Obagi CLENZIderm contains salicylic acid and a patented liquid form of benzoyl peroxide which allows it to penetrate deep into the skin and treat acne at its root.

Benzoyl peroxide is commonly used in acne treatments and works by removing the build up of dead skin cells, clearing pores and reducing bacteria in the skin. The CLENZIderm products are specially formulated to work together to provide maximum benefit and an improvement can be seen in as little as 7 days. For more details, patient reviews and case studies please visit the



Why Treat Acne with IPL?

1   A gentle treatment that addresses both the p.acne bacteria, as well as the pigmentation and redness of your skin

2  It’s a fast “lunch-time” treatment with no downtime and less side effects than oral medication

3 Improve your skin appearance and gain your confidence back with just a few treatments

Improvements will be seen after just one treatment but regular sessions are required to maintain skin health and keep acne clear. 


Chemical Peeling

Choosing the Right Chemical Peel for Your Skin

Every skin peel, however, does not work for every case of acne. Some products work well on some kinds of skin and don’t work at all on others.

  • Alpha-hydroxy acids, also known as AHAs, loosen the “glue” between skin cells on the surface of the skin. All over-the-counter acne chemical peels are alpha-hydroxy acids except salicylic acid.

  • Glycolic acid is the most commonly used chemical peel for acne-prone skin. It is typically use to open the skin rather than to remove brown spots. It is more often used on dry and tight skin rather than on oily and loose skin. Glycolic acid is used at a relatively high strength, up to 10% in over-the-counter products, and up to 30% in products used under medical supervision.

  • Lactic acid is the acid found in milk. It is especially useful for removing brown spots on tight, oily skin. 

  • Salicyclic acid is used on dark skin. It is both a peel and an anti-inflammatory. 

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